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I run a solo/small IP firm

If you are a solo/small firm, you probably don't need to hire an entire team to help you with your business development. You just need an experienced, responsive and collaborative outsourced team member like me.


You might be worried about the commitment, but there is no need to worry. Our firm advisory services are billed hourly. There are no monthly subscriptions or minimums. That's right - you pay only for the time you need!


We can help you with any business development project, such as:

  • creating and implementing a firm growth strategy;

  • building internal processes to run and track business development efforts;

  • planning for conference and client campaign trips;

  • new client acquisition;

  • developing specific plans for client expansion and cross selling;

  • leveraging the firm's and employees' social media visibility;

  • any other individual projects you may need.


We also offer group training and workshops for your associates and partners. Level up your team's skills in business development activities, such as:

  • networking and conference attendance;

  • relationship building;

  • social media usage;

  • client service;

  • thought leadership and personal branding.


We offer hourly advisory services without minimum commitments so you get exactly the support you want - no more, no less. Contact us to learn more about our advisory services.

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