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Build the foundation for future progress on your business development - even if you don't have a plan or specific goals!

If you are a busy Intellectual Property Professional who is curious about how to get started with business development, then this is for you

Introducing Business Development Drills

Business Development Drills provide exposure to the basics of different parts of a BD plan. You'll be able to sample various areas of business development and lay a strong foundation upon which to build future success. Sign up to receive regular emails to help you take consistent but manageable action steps towards your business development goals. Each drill includes four emails sent over four weeks. 

The best part?

You get to select which day of the week and even what time you want to receive the emails. You can block off the time in your calendar, receive the emails delivered right to your inbox exactly when you want them, and take action right at that moment!

No need to worry about when to take action.

No need to set up a profile, remember yet another password or log in to a separate web page.



Develop a proactive business development habit


Schedule friendly!
Select when (day and time) to receive your emails 


Action items are clearly laid out and are designed to only take one hour to complete


Each Drill is specifically designed with the unique challenges an IP Professional faces

Available Business Development Drills

Are you ready to kickstart your business development?

Taking action for even an hour a week can help you make small but consistent progress towards your business development goals. With these emails, you can start taking action on many different parts of a BD plan and set up a foundation for continued action and success.

The investment is 4 hours a week for four weeks at a cost of only $100 per Business Development Drill

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