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Hetal Kushwaha Business Development Services (HKBDS) is a company with a passion for business development in the IP industry. 


HKBDS helps create personalized, customized business development plans for individual IP professionals and advisory services for IP firms that are tailored around their specific needs and preferences. Our goal is to guide IP professionals to maximize their potential, clarify motivation, identify niches of expertise, develop an actionable plan for business development, stretch (safely) beyond one's comfort zone, and create a structured framework that helps with continuous progress.


Our clients are IP associates, partners, firm leaders and law firms believe they can do more than draft and prosecute applications. In essence, they are ready to take things beyond the application! But they appreciate that they need support, strategic input, and guidance for successful execution.

Meet Hetal Kushwaha

I am an industry recognized IP professional with experience spanning nearly a quarter of a century. I have worked both in the patent department of a corporation and at an international IP services firm. At this firm, I worked my way from junior associate to senior partner where I served as the partner responsible for business development in addition to nurturing my own practice. 

I now bring my vast experience to HKBDS with the goal of helping fellow IP professionals with building and growing their IP practices. I work with patent agents, lawyers, associates, partners, IP firms and solo practitioners.

I have enjoyed working in many different careers, all of which have culminated in the role I now have. I bring with me decades of various work experience:

Technical experience: I have worked as a design engineer which taught me the value of processes, structure, creativity and problem solving.

IP experience: I am a patent professional that understands the role of client growth and development in taking my career beyond the day job of crafting and drafting applications. I understand the IP world.

Strategic experience: I have served as a firm leader which taught me about strategic planning and the importance of both short term and long term objectives.

Through these experiences, I learned the following about myself:

  • I understand what it takes to grow an IP practice. I incorporate structure, creativity and inspiration in business development plans.

  • I thrive in collaborative environments. I love to team up with people and I revel in their successes. I can lead, align and track individual and team efforts to meet business development goals.

  • I am very organized! I love processes and frameworks to keep things progressing. That being said, I also can be flexible and agile, introducing change when needed.

  • I am a life long learner. I push myself to learn new things, keep an open mind and am always willing to explore the unknown.


So what does all this mean for you?

It means when it comes time to clarify and execute on those strategic ideas we all have - well, let me be there helping to make that happen (literally). And if things get too complex? You can always call upon my expert assistance as someone experienced to preach and show how effective these strategies are in growing an IP practice.

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